GDPR CompliantTo be fully compliant with data regulations and to understand what is happening within your company, HireHop Equipment Rental Software have added detailed logging so you know what a user did and what they changed something from and to.

We have also added other features such as decimal quantities for labor items and restricting what depots can see certain contacts, rental stock, sales stock and labor items.


  • You can now have decimal values for labor items throughout HireHop, in supplying lists, autopulls, invoices, POs, etc.
  • In admin mode, you can now change the date and due date of an authorised invoice
  • Enhancements on the reports.
  • Restrict stock, virtual items, consumables and labour to be visible in only certain depots
  • Enhanced logging to make sure you comply with GDPR, helping you avoid huge fines. HireHop is the only hire software to offer this.
  • A few speed enhancements and fixes
  • Ability to set some custom items to never have a shortfall (never go red)

History Logging

New and improved GDPR compliant history logging throughout the system enabling users to view all changes.

Access the History Log from the Menu from Jobs and Projects as well as Hire, Sales, Labour Management and Packages.

No Shortfall Custom Items

If you don’t want a custom item to appear as a shortage, this feature is for you!

Simply tick the ‘no shortfall’ checkbox when creating the custom item, as shown in the image below.

Limit Stock To Depots

For companies that use the multi-depot feature, you can now limit stock items to only be seen and used from certain depots by entering the depot limitations on them within stock management.

This can be applied to Hire, Sales and Labour items, Virtual Items and Packages.

New and Improved HireHop Marketplace

The HireHop online marketplace has been revamped and updated, improving the experience for visitors to the website looking to hire your stock! Click here to search the marketplace and view your listings.

The marketplace is easily searchable through HireHop by users looking to sub-hire equipment, or potential customers searching Google for items that you hire.

To list any hire item on the marketplace, simply navigate Home-Management-Hire Stock Management, edit or create a new item and ensure that a Description (used for marketing) has been entered, alongside a Marketing category. By entering information in these two fields, your item will be added to the marketplace. Note that a price is not required; however is preferred by Google and including a price will likely give your listing a higher Google ranking.

New Reports

More reports have been added and existing ones have been updated to allow for further analysis of your data at the click of a button!

The reports have also been re-designed for better visibility and user experience.

SCA Compliant

We have been working tirelessly over the past months to get HireHop ready for the upcoming EU legislation SCA.

This will not effect your usage of  HireHop and is something that most users will never encounter.

API Extension and More Custom Fields Available

We have added more features to our API, enabling you to add custom fields and even print them in documents.

More User Permissions and Search Filters

We have added more user permissions and more search filters when searching in the home page.

Speed and Security Improvements

HireHop was always fast, we just made it that little bit faster by optimising

Bug Fixes and Other Minor Improvements

HireHop strives to bring your rental company more and more unique features, enabling you to streamline and speed up your admin and workflow, thus saving your business time and money.

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